At 32,000 Feet, Manufacturing Excellence is the Only Option.
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Baker Manufacturing is committed to being an industry leader in quality of products, on-time delivery, and customer satisfaction. We are always striving to improve the effectiveness of our quality system, in order to provide our customers with products of the utmost caliber.

We are a process driven company building tooling key to the composite industry including layup molds, vacuum router fixtures, drill jigs and trim fixtures. We CNC machine up to 5-axis positional. We also do production work in aluminum and a variety of steels, titanium, plastics, and stainless.

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Services We Provide


Using Polyworks software with this amazing tool we are able to inspect parts on your machine, or your surface plate anywhere stable.

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Reverse Engineering

Using the very flexible Romer and paired with the Polyworks Software Suite we are able reverse engineer very complex shapes and fit-ups.

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Contract Programming

With 20 years of in-house CNC programming experience we are able to offer very robust solutions to most programming needs.

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Turnkey Tooling

We can come in and analyze your project and the machine you have in mind to run it on and supply a turnkey solution that meets your budget.

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Tooling Design

With 40 years of working with manufacturing engineers, tooling machinists and cad designers we have been able to bring some pretty impressive projects online.

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Time Analysis

With 20 years of facing the same issues we have developed procedural steps that look for the hidden minutes and seemingly small process deviations that can really add up.

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Industries We Serve

  • Aerospace
  • Construction
  • Sanitation/Waste Removal
  • Rotary Aircraft
  • Marine
  • Space
  • Food Services
  • Petroleum
  • Satellite
  • Energy
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Bionics
  • Mining
  • Medical

New Systems Integration for 2014

Exact ERP System

Unipoint AS9100 PMS

Polyworks Version 14